I am baffled by kids who try and drown a stray dog for fun. How bad can it get?

This is a video on Twitter. I don’t know the background. It appears to be America. It appears to show two teenage kids who have bumped into a stray dog on the street who is submissive and compliant. They use that quality to abuse the dog. They giggle while they try and drown the dog in a gutter. The dog breaks free and they bump into it again and then throw the dog into some more water in what appears to be a broken part of the road.

It’s all disgusting. It is all utterly bemusing to someone like me and to millions of other observers. Why do they do it? How could they become so unpleasant? How could they develop characters which are so insensitive and aggressive, violent and crude?

Notice the teenager who tries to drown the dog wears a hoody with the hood up. Is this to prevent identification. Of course, there is a third person filming. And the video was uploaded to social media. So, the whole thing was done for social media attention! That makes it sicker.

Warning – this may be too unpleasant for some people.

Idiotic teenagers laugh and giggle while trying to drown a dog. WTF is going on in the world today if parents are raising kids with this obscene attitude?

It simply has to be their parents who have created these kids. It must be down to very poor parenting. They look reasonably well-dressed and possibly educated but what kind of education? It must be the parents who have told them that it is okay to do this kind of thing. They’ve been indoctrinated with the idea that animals are non-sentient. Animals don’t feel pain and suffered distress.

Or they find it enjoyable to cause pain. How about that! Psychopathic or what? That appears to be the message that they have absorbed from their parents’ teachings. And it is terrible to see.

How is the world going to improve animal welfare and animal conservation if the youth of today behave like this? Behave as if it is enjoyable to harm animals. These are the sport hunters of the future who take pleasure in killing animals. They probably already shoot animals for fun because their father enjoys doing it and takes their son out to deer hunting during the season. Perhaps fathers who enjoy sport hunting are the main cause of children being desensitised to the sentience of animals. I don’t know.

But the exact opposite in teaching kids how to behave is required if we are to create a better world both the people and animals.

P.S. Of course, this is a crime. But no one will be prosecuted. They won’t be told off by their parents. That’s my guess. Life will just go on until these ghastly kids finally manage to kill a dog.

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