How the f**k can we feed 60 billion farm animals but not 7.9 billion humans?

Here is the tweet which asks the above question in an image:

Good point.
Good point. Image: Twitter.

The answer apparently, according to Mike Gordon, who commented on the picture is:

Because most farm animals can eat the 80% of inedible by-products from crop waste, food wate, and grazing. Farm animals, especially ruminant animals, can eat a lot of things we can’t – and those inedible materials into food and resources we can use.

But that isn’t the entire picture it seems to me. The question is asking whether we should stop farming livestock for food and, I suggest, whether it would be a good idea if human stopped procreating! The guy holding the placard is a vegan. I don’t think he agrees with unregulated human procreation.

He is also suggesting that there is an uncomfortable relationship between humans and animals in farming (or plain cruel). He begs the following question: If we got rid of all livestock would humans be able to feed themselves better?

Of course, we’d all have to be vegans. Not a bad thing and certainly something very good in terms of improving animal welfare.

Gina commented as follows on the picture:

‘The bombs and the devils, and the kids keep coming, nowhere to breathe easy, no time to be young’. Heart. Good question, but let’s stop breeding both humans and animals. That would make a dent in the situation.

Brad Pitt has prosopagnosia a neurological disorder causing face blindness and, by the way, he loves dogs and is vegan

Unfortunately, it appears that veganism does not lead to a utopian world:

Manufacturers turn vegan food into junk food

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