Watch this video and think of animal sentience not ‘us and them’

Don’t think of ‘us and them’. Don’t be so arrogant as humans often are and think that we are superior to animals. This leads to abuse and exploitation. This is a beauty of a little video. So touching. So meaningful. Although they must have been separated. Was there a good reason for it? They are behaving like us. I believe they are chimp siblings. Chimps share 98.8% of their DNA with us. In Africa chimps are prized as a food and are hunted for bushmeat.

Do these humans realise what they are doing? It is very close to cannibalism. I know the people who kill chimps for meat have to survive. I get that but there must be a better way in the 21st century. It is behavior that is more suited to 2000 years ago or more.

Chimpanzees have the social skills to benefit from cumulative culture

Chimpanzees like to share experiences and it helps them bond just like humans

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