Don’t be ambitious. Spend more time with your companion animal instead

It just isn’t worth being ambitious any more. The work ethic does not produce the desired result sufficiently often, which is success in the workplace. That appears to be the conclusion of the millennials in the UK. I’m referring to young people born after 2000. I’ve always thought that life for them is going to be much tougher than it was for me even if it was difficult for me as it always is for young people.

Working from home with dog
A better work-life balance at home. Photo:

But nowadays it seems that the difficulties are almost insurmountable. The coronavirus pandemic has decimated the job market. There is semi-chaos about A-level results and studying at university. When they’ve struggled through those hurdles they have to face the job market and at this very moment in time the big businesses are shedding jobs by the thousands. Perhaps the jobs will return but there’s certainly a big shakeup going on which creates more uncertainty. Whatever anybody says the fight for good jobs is tougher.

Nepotism also has to be beaten by the conventional route to success. Powerful parents can place their children in the right slots of life. Martha Gill, writing for The Times says that the entire men’s England cricket team stars were all privately educated.

The way to success by being an influencer on the Internet is precarious. You can have fame one minute and be forgotten the next. And you are quickly forgotten even when you climb that slippery pole to the top of the corporation. Once you leave, within six months you are history.

The point being made by Martha Gill, and I would heartily agree with it, is that it is not worth the effort grafting 24/7, for many years. It appears that the Danes have a more sensible approach to life which is to regard ordinary achievement as the ultimate goal and accept it as perfectly good.

This would allow people to spend more time with their cats and dogs and enjoy life more. It would also make the life of domestic cats and dogs much better. It’s ironic that the pandemic has allowed people to spend more time with their companion animals. The pandemic has created a cohort of former office workers who are now intent on staying home with their families, children and their companion animals while remaining productive and a useful member of the workforce. Some companies like Google have allowed their workforce to remain working at home indefinitely. Not all companies can do this but it is certainly better for pets and it slots in nicely with the Danish attitude to work.

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