Dog owner gives monkeypox to their dog

In the first case of its kind, scientists have reported on a couple living on Staten Island, New York City, who gave their dog monkeypox by sleeping with the companion animal.

It is reported in the Lancet medical journal. It concerns a couple of gay guys aged 44 and 27 who, it is reported, are in a non-monogamous relationship. They caught monkeypox in June after having sex with other men it reported in the Lancet.

Monkeypox virus on the left
Monkeypox virus on the left. Photo: AP.

They experienced fever, ulcerations and rashes. They noticed that their dog, a 4-year-old Italian greyhound began developing lesions and pustules on their stomach. They admitted sleeping with their dog.

The said that they were careful to prevent their dog having contact with other pets and people. A test found the dog had monkeypox.

The study authors said the circumstances indicated a human-to-dog transmission.

Monkeypox is prevalent among gay men who have sex. This is not a prejudiced statement but a medical fact because the conditions for spreading the virus are met under these circumstances. The disease came to prominence in May 2022 and the WHO declared it a global health emergency on June 23rd.

The current evidence suggests that pets should be isolated from people who’ve contracted the disease.

Protecting nature protects people by minimising zoonotic disease carrying animals

If the disease has travelled from person to dog it must be able to travel from dog to person (zoonotic). Surely that is a fair deduction, in which case dogs may become a reservoir for the disease. This sort of situation was discussed a lot with respect to Covid.

Monkeypox is described as ‘self-limiting’ virus with symptoms lasting from 2-4 weeks. 3-6% of cases prove to be fatal.

It is transmitted via close contact with lesions, body fluids, respiratory droplets and contaminated materials such as bedding.

The disease mainly occurs in central and west Africa, its place of origin. Animal hosts include rodents and monkeys.

Is it cruel to stop your dog sleeping on your bed with you?

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