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Dog helps rescue owner from car crash in the snow

Tinsley and Cam Laundry her caregiver

Tinsley is a one-year-old Shiloh Shephard dog. She has been credited with leading police to the place where his owner had crashed his car in difficult conditions and where he lay dazed and shivering in the snow. She was reported to the New Hampshire State Police after she was seen looking scared and skittish on a highway bridge last Tuesday night.

Tinsley and Cam Laundry her caregiver

Tinsley and Cam Laundry her caregiver. Photo montage The Times.

Tom Sandberg is a state trooper from the Lebanon Police Department, New Hampshire. He was out on a cold night in western New Hampshire. He pulled up at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Bridge in response to the above-mentioned sighting and report. Tinsley was loose on the road.

Sandberg and officers from the Lebanon Police Department tried to catch her but on every occasion she ran away. And she ran away towards her owner where he lay in the snow.

The police could tell that Tinsley was trying to show them something said Lieutenant Daniel Baldassarre in an interview with WCVB television.

And so they followed Tinsley over the bridge across the Connecticut River into Vermont. There they found that the road’s guardrail had been broken. They realised that Tinsley was alerting them to what was off the roadway said Baldassarre.

Tinsley and Cam Laundry her owner

Tinsley and Cam Laundry her owner. Photo: WPTZ/CNN

He also said that beyond the railing was “a truck which had overturned, with two gentlemen that were ejected”. The pickup truck was lying on its side at the bottom of a grass bank against a thicket of trees. Both men had been thrown out to the ground and were partially covered in snow.

Baldassarre said that hypothermia had set in and “it was unclear how long they had been out of the vehicle”.

In the meantime, Tinsley “sat there nice and calm next to her owners”. She stayed there while they were being treated by paramedics. Tinsley’s owner, Cam Laundry, 31, said: “I was shaken up, didn’t know what was happening. Next thing you know the cops are there and it was all because of her.”

He said that he would reward her with a venison burger.

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