Chocolate deliberately scattered in Curtis Fields, Dorset to harm dogs

NEWS AND COMMENT: It has been reported that chocolates and sweets are being dumped in Curtis Feels, Dorset, UK to harm dogs. Chocolate is toxic to dogs. The way that the chocolate and sweets have been dumped clearly indicates that it has been done deliberately. You can see that from the photograph on this page. And Curtis Fields is a popular site for dog walkers because of its accessibility and green spaces.

Chocolate and marshmallows dumped in Curtis Fields, Dorset, UK
Chocolate and marshmallows dumped in Curtis Fields, Dorset, UK. Photo: Dave Cumber Vets

The Times reports that campaigners lost a court battle in 2014 to save the area’s protected status. Since then, a property company has built on it. And then chocolate has been found on paths. A veterinary nurse confirmed that it was done on purpose because of the “volume dumped”.

A lot of the chocolate has been dumped near the entrance to the area. Dave Comber Vets have warned that it “could be life-threatening to a dog” if eaten. The chocolate and marshmallows have been bagged and thrown away.

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It is well known that chocolate is toxic to dogs because it contains a chemical called theobromine which is similar to caffeine. Dark chocolate is the worst. If enough is eaten it can cause seizures, high blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pains and a fast heart rate and tremors in dogs.

A dog walker knew about the dangers of chocolate and brought the matter to the attention of others. A councillor of the area, Gill Taylor, told Dorset Live: “I cannot see why someone would want to do that. I think that it is really, really irresponsible.”

She appears not to know the reason why whereas The Times report appears to state that the reason is the developer of the area wants to get rid of dog walkers and other people who might interfere with the development of the area.

The report hints at a deliberate attempt by a third party working on behalf of the developer to discourage dog walkers using the area to be developed. Perhaps there is a right of way across that area and the developer wants to shut the use of that right away down in order to claim that the right of way is no longer used and therefore should be removed from the registered title. That is a complete guess but for a developer to allegedly do something this serious, the stakes must be reasonably high.

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