Brigitte Bardot Is Now Beautiful For What She Does for Animals

Brigitte Bardot
Wonderful Brigitte. Photo: Reuters

Brigitte Bardot is no longer beautiful in that superficial female sense that we expect as males. She was the most beautiful woman in the world perhaps and she gave her beauty to the film industry and other men. Now, without plastic surgery, she is herself and she is beautiful for what she does. She helps animals. She helps to protect them.

She is the voice of animals. Particularly so in places like the island of Réunion. I wrote an article recently about her sharp criticism of the failure of animal rights and animal welfare on that island.

In response, Bardot was criticised by the powers that be for racism and inciting racial hatred. She criticised the practice of Hindus in sacrificing goats. Personally I think it is utterly unacceptable for Hindus to sacrifice goats as they do. I cannot, for the life of me, even imagine it but it is acceptable on this island but unacceptable on mainland France.

People are not allowed to criticise failures in animal welfare and rights for fear of sounding as if one is racist and inciting racial hatred.

The comments on the Daily Mail online website give us a clue as to which side that they are on (80% for 20% against her). One person, Daniel, says that he wishes that she was his grandmother. Another says that he is such a beautiful woman.. Another says that she is entitled to her opinion.

A female commenting says, “So lovely to see an actress of her age that actually looks her age! She still a very beautiful woman!”

“She feels passionate about animal welfare, leave her alone.”

“She’s for the animals, good luck to her.”

Another person remarked that what she said was not incitement to racism and racial hatred.

Against her was a person who said that she has twisted logic. He criticised her for describing Americans as barbaric savages because they slaughtered turkeys on Thanksgiving. He believes that she is an unabashed bigot and makes pathetic and shocking racist remarks.

Another commentator said that he was glad that she had never had plastic surgery. Other people think that she is well past her prime at 84-years-of- age and unable to pass judgement on others. There’s a hint by some people that she has lost her marbles. They say that she should stay out of things.

I disagree with people who criticise her. I am wholly in favour of her behaviour and her thoughts. She has not lost her marbles but has a strong desire still to protect animals and fight for animal welfare. If in doing so she angers others and exposes herself to possible prosecution for inciting racial hatred then so be it she says. She is brave. Really courageous and driven to help animals. She is a martyr for animals.

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