Brave Brigitte Bardot’s Fight for Animal Welfare

March 22, 2019 | By MikeB | Filed in: Animal Advocates.

I wholly support Brigitte Bardot in her bold and brave struggle to protect animals. For me she deserves a medal and not to be hounded with threats of criminal prosecution.

Beautiful Bardot. I admire her.

Personally, I absolutely adore Brigitte Bardot not because she was (and still is) a beautiful woman but because she fights fearlessly for animal welfare at personal risk of prosecution. Another reason why I really like her is because she decided to not go down the route of plastic surgery but to be genuine, to be herself and rightly so because she is beautiful but not in an superficial way. She is beautiful for what she does for animals. She should be an icon for older women. Perhaps she is. I’d love to meet her.

I gave my beauty and my youth to men. I am going to give my wisdom and experience to animals.

Brigitte Bardot

She faces prosecution for allegedly inciting racial hatred. She described the inhabitants of the island of Réunion as degenerates and savages. She made the remarks in an open letter to the French government’s representative on this distant piece of French territory.

She asked the island’s prefect, Amaury de Saint-Quentin, to take action against local people who are allegedly guilty of being cruel to animals.

For Bardot, the animals of Réunion are treated worse than in metropolitan France or any of France’s overseas territories. The island is overrun with wounded, poisoned and amputated animals, she said.

Bardot alleges that cats and dogs are poisoned by locals. She says that goats are decapitated during “Indian Tamil” festivals. Hindus apparently make up 25% of the island’s population of 866,000.

“All that is reminiscent of the cannibalism of past centuries should be stopped. The natives have kept their genes of savages but French laws are meant to be respected. I am ashamed of this island, of the savagery which reigns there, of the risks taken by human beings who try to save cats and dogs targeted by this degenerate population still impregnated by the ancestral customs and barbaric traditions.”

Bridget Bardot

Macron’s government disapproved. The government’s Minister For Gender Equality said that any form of racism is unacceptable in the name of any cause. Bardot has been criticised for being racist while trying to protect these animals. The senator for Réunion said that Bardot might be more savage than the local population.

She’s been accused of being xenophobic and hostile to different religious and ethnic groups. She may be prosecuted. In the past Bardot has attacked the Muslim treatment of animals. She was fined €15,000 for incitement to racial hatred in 2006 when publishing a letter in which he declared that she was “fed up with being pushed around by this population which is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts”. She was referring to Muslims.

France allows Réunion to indulge in their own cultures even when they are at odds with national legislation. I guess what they’re doing on Réunion with respect to animals could be illegal in France but is allowed on the island.

I repeat, I wholly support Brigitte Bardot in her bold and brave struggle to protect animals. For me she deserves a medal and not to be hounded with threats of criminal prosecution.

The information for the story comes from The Times hardcopy March 21st 2019.

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3 comments on “Brave Brigitte Bardot’s Fight for Animal Welfare

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  2. Al-Hajji Frederick H Minshall says:

    Scratch an “animal rights” extremist and a white supremacist pops out like pus from a boil. I’m a proud supporter of the Australian feral cat cull (another thing that’s got Bardott’s dusty old panties in a wad), a proud fisheries biologist and an even prouder Shi’a Muslim. Allahu Akbar.

    • MikeB says:

      Well, hello! Are u saying I am a white supremacist? If you are that would be barmy. Absolutely barmy. And I am not an animal rights extremist either.

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