Streisand Had To Clone Her Dog

Barbra Streisand said that she had to clone her rare dog Sammie in order get another. Sammie was a Coton de Tulear. Streisand is businesslike in her explanation as to why she cloned Sammie:

Barbra Streisand and Sammie, her original Coton de Tulear who was cloned.

I couldn’t bear to losing her – I think any pet lover will really understand this – I had to continue her DNA. There were no more curly-haired cotons like Samantha – she was very rare. In order to get another I had to clone her.”

Barbra Streisand

Cells were taken from the stomach and mouth and sent to ViaGen Pets in Texas. She knows a friend who cloned his dog and was impressed.


The cloning process started when DNA samples were taken as Sammie was dying. Two genetic replicas were created: Violet and Scarlett.

I don’t know how healthy they are. I recall that the cloning process does not entirely replicate the animal’s character and that there may health issues in cloned animals. A dog’s character is built on both genes and life experience – nature/nurture as we all know.

The longevity of a cloned animal is also in question. The genetic material taken from Sammie was old as Sammie was old. The nucleus was as old as the dog. How does this affect lifespan?

Clearly Streisand made an informed decision. I am not sure that the true reason was an unavailability of dogs of this breed and coat type. Perhaps it was more an emotional decision.

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