A wolf made this woman part of her pack

I love this video. And to think people are scared or wolves and that they have a bad reputation. And that they were hunted to near extinction. What is the matter with people? European settlers to the USA brought with them all their baggage including a hatred of the wolf. So, they persecuted them and hunted them to near extinction in the USA. Plus, farmers could not get along with them. I guess no attempt to try and live with them. They went one step further in Western Europe and made them extinct in the wild.

I am being too idealistic but this woman understands the wolf. It is mutual. And it shows in the wolf’s behaviour. Damn it, this female wolf acts as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) to the woman. And it is great because she gives a hell of a lot back to the wolf. That’s the way it should be between animals and humans. It simply isn’t. Humankind is a mile from it.

Shooters will say I am being sentimental and stupid. I am speaking of an ideal. A way of living with nature for the long term. It is going to require a complete change in attitude towards animals globally and the developing countries are 400 years behind developed countries in general. There are great people and bad people in both camps.

Mutual respect between wolf and woman
Mutual respect between wolf and woman
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