WOW – cat jumps across moat from 8 feet into tiny hole in wall

Ginger tabby cat makes an awesome jump across a moat into a tiny hole without injury
Ginger tabby cat makes an awesome jump across a moat into a tiny hole without injury. Screenshot marked up by MikB.

When I first saw this video, I had that wow moment. This is a full 8-foot jump across water into a tiny hole in a brick wall which could have resulted in injury to the cat. I don’t know whether this cat makes this jump regularly but I doubt it very much. If we assume that this was the first time that this cat made this jump, it has to be described as awesome. The precision is incredible. Just think about it: if the cat lands in that hole with her head or paws about 1 cm out of position then he would have hit it with force and it would have probably caused serious injury. He would have fallen back into the water and possibly drowned. This was a massively high risk jump but the cat did it with confidence, in the knowledge that he would make it. This is confirmation of how fantastically athletic and precise cats are when they jump and carry out other acrobatic manoeuvres in high places.

Their eyesight provides great range-finding distance measurement. It is of course binocular vision and sometimes you see cats moving their heads left and right slightly to add precision to their eyesight when judging exactly where the landing zone is.

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This jump is almost horizontal. It had to be because if it was in an arc he would not have got into that hole. This means that the cat had to jump off with more force than usual which in turn means that he arrived at that whole at speed. This created more risk and the more I think about it the more I am incredibly impressed. At the same time, I feel sorry for this cat to have to make that jump.

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