Woman applies huge false nails to her dog’s claws and films it

CALIFORNIA, US – NEWS AND VIEWS: I am going to have to be brutally honest about this. Some people love the way Maritza Rubalcava has applied fake nails to her dog’s claws and made TikTok videos out of it. She even decided to start a business on the back of it, selling false nails for dogs at $15 apiece. But for me it is hopelessly mad. It is horrible.

Note: I can’t see her videos on TikTok. I believe that I have found her TikTok webpage but there are no videos of her dog with false nails! What is going on? Perhaps she was asked to remove them after news media contacted her and told her that they were planning to do a story about her. If she kept them on TikTok they would be competition for the webpages of the news media websites.

Woman makes videos of applying false nails to her dog's claws
Woman makes videos of applying false nails to her dog’s claws. Photo: TikTok


In hate long nails anyway on women. Put them on an animal and it is double trouble for me. They are ghastly. There is nothing good in this except that it entertains millions of people who like to see animals used on cheap videos.

Some people say it is dog abuse. It is in a way but it is not bad abuse. It is very mild abuse. Her dog might even like the attention. It is not so much the abuse that I dislike but the damned nails. The make me puke. The major reason is because they are so artificial and unnatural.

She rescued her dog from a box that was left outside her mother’s shop. That is a nice thing to do. I have to praise her for that act of kindness towards animals. So why mess around with sticking false nails on her toes?

Her dog’s name is Coco. Maritza is very surprised that her videos are popular. Don’t be amazed, please. People with not much between the ears like all kinds of silly videos. Perhaps the sillier the better.

She says the process of sticking the false nails on her dog reinforces the bond between them. She does not let Coco walk around with false nails. It is just done for the videos. Good. But it’s still horrible aesthetically.

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