Surge in rabbit adoptions, more so than for cats and dogs

News media has made it clear to their reading public that there has been a surge in dog adoption primarily, and also some cats, but I am told today in an article in The Times newspaper, written by Rosie Kinchen, that “Rabbits are enjoying a boom. Sales have risen by more than 200% this past year, beating the demand for dogs and cats.”

Ms Edwards and Darius
Annette Edwards and Darius. Photo: Damien McFadden/ANL/REX/Shutterstock.

British lops are on sale for £80 on the Pets4Homes website. Rosie says that they can be entertaining pets. They run around in circles when they are happy and they stamp their feet when they are unhappy. People tend to keep them in hutches, alone, but this is incorrect because they are sociable animals and need more space. How many unhappy rabbits are there in the country?

British lop rabbit
British lop rabbit. Photo: Pixabay.

Apparently they are not particularly child-friendly because they don’t like being held says Rosie. It is speculated that the boom in rabbit and companion animal adoptions because of the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns may be behind the recent theft of the world’s largest rabbit, Darius, a 4’2″ Flemish Giant, stolen from the home of Anette Edwards, a 68-year-old former Playboy model, who is offering a £200 reward for his return.

She kept him in her back garden in an enclosure as I recall. I don’t know whether he was sterilised. If not, perhaps the thief wants to breed from him and sell his offspring. This would make sense bearing in mind what I have just said.

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