When a teddy bear totally freaks out three people

When a teddy bear totally freaks out a group of three
When a teddy bear totally freaks out a group of three. Still image from the video.

The video is called ‘Teddy Krueger’ on Reddit.com. It is a hint at the way this teddy bear totally freaks out three people who walk into what appears to be a totally dark, small room in which there sits a large teddy bear or that’s what it appears to me. We have no idea why this happened. The circumstances are a complete mystery to viewers. Reddit.com commenters, pretty well to a person, believe that all three are high on magic mushrooms 😎! I’m not sure. But they do seem to be incredibly nervous when they enter so if they are not high on magic mushrooms, they might have been told something which makes them very wary of what they are going to encounter in the room. No matter what the background story it makes for a hilarious video. And perhaps there is a lesson in the video for viewers about human psychology.

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It seems that almost all humans are afraid of the dark. They completely lose their sight and humans rely on their eyesight more than any other sense. We rely on our eyesight to help protect us from harm. If we can’t see it appears that instinctively we become frightened in order to protect ourselves from a potentially dangerous entity that may harm us. I think that fear – and sometimes it is an extreme fear – is present in total darkness as a defensive mechanism. And perhaps, also, because we have no factual visual stimuli and because we are very fearful in total darkness our imagination can run riot about the dangers that might exist around us.

It is my belief that all humans are fearful. We live in fear to varying degrees of intensity. It might be totally subdued where it isn’t apparent any more but it is still there. It appears to be part of our psyche and it might be there because at the beginnings of our species we had to be fearful of big predators such as lions and tigers which were abundant back in the day at the time of the origin of Homo sapiens. Fear is a defensive mechanism to protect ourselves. But it affects us in many negative ways and creates excessive caution which prevents people doing lots of things that they should be doing in order to live a full life.

It is instructive to realise that our cat companions are not fearful of total darkness perhaps because they can see far better in near total darkness than humans. Admittedly they can’t see any better than us in total darkness but I think you’ll find that total darkness rarely exists in nature. And even then, they can use their whiskers to feel the air currents moving around objects to give them a feel for what is around them and their superior sense of smell and hearing provides information about the environment around them. And I don’t think cats have the imagination to believe that there is some mysterious danger out there in the darkness. They are more factual (based on instinct) in their assessment of what is going on.

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