Grow up to be kind to animals (particularly now in high temp, drought conditions)

Some parts of Canada are suffering from a drought. And this Canadian woman has a website about growing up to be kind and she must mean to include being kind to animals. And I guess to humans as well. And as you can see in the video it is a particular time to be kind to animals. When they are desperate as this deer has become, they seek help from humans. This deer just walked into her workshop looking for help. They picked the right person. She provides some birdseed because that is all she had at the time and some water. I would expect her to have something a little better than birdseed in place when the deer returns which is probably likely.

Be kind to animals
Be kind to animals. Screenshot.

Being kind to animals is, as we know, the measure of a person. But I believe that humankind has a duty to be kind animals because we are guardians of the planet. The planet is nature and wildlife is dependent upon the habitat that nature provides. Nature is indivisible and interdependent. If we damage nature, we damage ourselves. So being kind animals is also being kind to ourselves particularly if that kindness is manifest in helping to slow global warming.

I am one of those people who believes that global warming is happening and it is constantly reinforced with events like yesterday in the UK with temperatures where I live reaching 40.3 degrees Celsius. It was like living in India during the hot season. Completely crazy. Freakish.

I recently wrote about a squirrel begging tourists for water in what appeared to be drought-hit northern Italy. This was another example of wild animals approaching humans to help them survive. It is an interesting and ironic form of behaviour as they are asking the creature that arguably caused the drought and super-high temperatures in the first place.

Here is a child being very kind to animals and very gentle while doing it. I love this. She is a cracker.

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