What are the names of the Queen’s dogs 2021

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Fergus and Muick

The names of the Queen’s dogs, 2021 are:

  1. Candy, an elderly dorgi;
  2. Fergus, a dorgi, named after her uncle Fergus Bowes-Lyon, who was killed as he led an attack on the Germans during the First World War and;
  3. Muick, pronounced “Mick”, a corgi named after Loch Muick on the Queen’s Balmoral estate in Scotland.

I believe that Candy is living at the date of this post. She is said to be relying on the presence of her dogs and their companionship on the death of her husband recently. It is said that she loved her dogs more than any person. And that a huge void has opened up in her life since the death of the DOE.

Fergus and Muick

Fergus and Muick. Photo in public domain

Her two new dogs were given to her as a gift. I suspect they were a surprise gift because she had not intended to adopt any more dogs believing that it was unfair on the dogs due to her advanced age. However, we are told that she is now relying on her new dogs for comfort and companionship at this difficult time on the passing of her beloved husband the Duke of Edinburgh. However, as the Queen is a person of self-discipline I am not sure that she was pleased with the gift although I’m sure she is taking excellent care of her new dog companions.

I think that the person who gave her these dogs as a gift might have been a little wiser and adopted two elderly rescue dogs but no doubt he or she sought the Queen’s favourite breed which is either a dorgi or a corgi. And no doubt you can’t just walk into a rescue centre and adopt one of these dogs. Therefore they had to be bought and I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy a dog when there are dogs in rescue centres needing homes. Anyway I’m being too serious about it and the Queen is an excellent dog caretaker but I suspect that secretly she’s a little bit upset by the unexpected present. Was the gift unexpected? Tell me different…

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