Watch this video of Lauren Bailey an RSPCA inspector and be moved

Lauren Bailey an RSPCA inspector
Lauren Bailey an RSPCA inspector dazzles in the video. Screenshot.

Lauren Bailey’s genuine character is a powerful advert for the RPCA in their ‘Cancel Out Cruelty 2022’ campaign. What comes across to me and it must be seen by others is the incredibly genuine character of this young woman. Yes, the key is genuineness. I was immediately struck by it. This is such a vital ingredient in life generally and particularly for the charity. And even more so for an animal rescue charity.

I suppose she could be faking her character, but I think not. I have to be sceptical but not too sceptical to the point where I believe nothing. The world is full of fakery. It is almost as if we are drowning in it in the UK. At every turn we face being scammed. It is truly horrendous in the UK as it seems that society is breaking down while the government are either asleep at the wheel, fighting between themselves or, as at present, making a dog’s dinner of running the country. Truss is hopeless.

We, the people, are sick to the back teeth of crappy government and a stupid Prime Minister who is hopelessly incompetent. She has been promoted to a position which is way above her abilities, skills and knowledge.

Enough of that. The Daily Express reports on a typical dog rescue of which there are thousands to choose from. It concerns Daisy, a five-year-old Shar Pei. She looks like a gentle dog. I am attracted to her even though I’m not particularly a dog person. She was rescued from a backyard in The Wirral, UK which is in the north of England. She was rescued with another dog called Lady.

Daisy needs a home
Daisy needs a home. Image: RSPCA.

When she was rescued, she was skin and bones and she’d lost all her fur because of a skin condition which was probably a skin parasite (ectoparasite) which made her skin very itchy. She had scratched herself bald. She must have been in incredible discomfort for such a long time.

And in a nice touch, the RSPCA say that they gave her some magic medicine: food!

And of course, they treated her skin condition. She had got into that condition because she had simply been neglected, left entirely alone with Lady for a very long time by a very cruel owner. They had been left to starve to death.

Over the course of the last 15 years, I have read of many cases of pets being starved to death by neglectful owners. It is quite common, and it is one of the cruellest ways to kill an animal. The pain both emotional and physical must be intense and to think that the owner knows this and goes about their business at the same time is shocking to me.

At the time of writing, Daisy is still looking for a home. She was adopted earlier in 2022 but the adopter said that she was “too clingy”. I’ve heard that kind of criticism about animals as well. It is a pathetic excuse to give up an animal to a rescue centre. You want a companion animal to be a companion, to be next to you, to be with you and accompany you. That’s why you adopt a dog so clearly this person is unsuited to having a dog in my view.

Anyway, Daisy is still looking for a home and the RSPCA say that she’s been a pleasure to work with and she has plenty of love to give. They want a potential adopter to come into their centre and “spend time with Daisy before taking her home so that she can learn to trust them.”

The RSPCA have mentioned the ‘Covid phenomenon’ which I have read about before, which has been compounded by the cost-of-living crisis.

The “Covid phenomenon” as I’ve called it is the surge in dog adoptions during Covid lockdowns, often impulse adoptions, by people who were unsuited and who were working at home at the time. They were unnatural times and now we are getting back to some kind of normality they want to give up their dogs.

And the cost-of-living crisis means that people are more wary of adopting a dog because of the expense. The RSPCA tells us that animals are staying at their rescue centres for longer.

They say:

“Unfortunately, we believe we are really starting to see the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis.”

And, as expected, many of the dogs to have behavioural problems because they were bred badly by scammy backstreet breeders selling to naïve purchasers during Covid. The dogs were introduced into homes where the environment was unnatural because of Covid lockdowns. And the owners didn’t know what they were doing. It’s a horrible mess for many dogs and the RSPCA is picking up the pieces.

But if they got more people like Lauren Bailey in the video they’ll do okay. To me she’s brilliant. She’s the kind of person the world needs because it’s got far too scammy for me.

Dogs bought during pandemic lockdowns are being given up to rescue centres as strays

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