Vegan sausages to be called ‘tubes’ and burgers ‘discs’

A revision of the EU’s common agricultural policy would lead to vegan sausages being called ‘tubes’ and vegan burgers described as ‘discs’. The proposed ban on using the words ‘burger’ and ‘sausage’ for vegan products was passed by the European Parliament’s agricultural committee this month and will be voted on next month.

Homemade vegan ‘tube’! Photo in public domain.


“What are we having for dinner this evening, darling?”

“Tubes and chips, darling, is that alright?”

MacDonald’s promotion for new vegan burger:


What’s the reason for this? Well they say it is not to protect the meat industry but to make it clear to consumers as to what they are buying. So said an MEP.

The meat lobby is not involved in this. – Eric Andrieu French MEP

However, The Vegan Society’s chief executive said that the move was designed to protect the meat industry as veganism is becoming more popular. He argues that such a re-description of these foods would confuse customers and be disruptive for many organisations such as schools, prisons and government departments.

The proposals are not to do with consumer protection but protecting the meat industry, The Vegan Society believe.

These proposals have little to do with consumer protection and instead are motivated by economic concerns of the meat industry. – George Gill, chief executive The Vegan Society.

The change is being challenged in a letter by Gill to EU officials. He claims it breaches the human rights of vegans.

Comment: It seems to be about EU meat farmers (French farmers?) scared of losing revenue to the expanding vegan market. The labels ‘vegan burger’ or ‘vegan sausage’ is clearly much better and more sensible.

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