Vegan meal for a 6-hour flight!

Vegan passenger was given fruit and nuts on 7,400km KLM flight from Ghana to London Heathrow. This is pathetic. We have a long way to go before veganism is accepted and serviced properly by many businesses judging by this feeble attempt to feed a vegan on this flight. Juanita Headley was travelling from Accra, Ghana to London Heathrow. She criticised the airline. No surprise.

Vegan meal on KLM flight
Vegan meal on KLM flight. Image: Twitter.

The vegan meals that KLM offer online appear to be quite reasonable which begs the question whether something went wrong in the case of Ms Headley. But she was handed pineapple pieces, a tangerine and a handful of nuts. She said that it was described as a hot meal!

She opted for a hot meal as part of the complimentary service. She called it a joke. She said: “I’m sorry, it doesn’t feed a hungry passenger on an international flight. Thank God I don’t have a nut allergy or I would have been on fruit rations.”

A fellow vegan commented: “Sorry you’ve had this experience; I’ve had similar but in 2014 and ever since I’ve always carried food just in case.”

Another person who commented said that the solution is to bring your own food and they were baffled, “Why do people never bring their own food”. Another was unsupportive in saying: “I reckon you’ll survive six hours.”

The report comes from various online newspapers and The Mirror said that they had tried to contact KLM for a comment. They always say that to cover themselves. I have not bothered trying!

It seems that when they commercialise vegan food, they turn it into unhealthy food in order to try and make it tasty. The good intentions often go wrong.

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