Two men push their dog over animal shelter wall with 6 foot drop to dump him

The abandoned dog looking very anxious understandably.

They are dumping their dog. It is the first time I have seen this method of dumping a companion animal. They obviously don’t want to go into the customer service area and introduce themselves. That would be far too polite, decent and humane (for their dog). Of course the dog is better off in the long term with a new owner but will she/he get a new owner? These sorts of dog abandonments can lead to fairly prompt euthanasia. Pardon me…I mean killing.

The place is Seguin Animal Services in Texas. It has been suggested that they were avoiding an administration charge. Perhaps they were embarrassed to be dumping their dog. That’s the normal reason. Often ‘dumpers’ do it at night leaving their cats or dogs in boxes outside the front door of the shelter. They’ll even do it during mid-winter in the north of the US when temperature can be brutally cold.