Dog celebrates with twin sisters awarded scholarships to universities

The video shows twin sisters Mayeli Saldana and Nayeli Saldana very excitedly jumping for joy and their dog, Fisher a Golden Retriever, giving them a hug in congratulating them. Or is he? To me this is a case of a dog being caught up the noise and excitement. Fox calls the dog supportive. I am sure he is but I don’t believe that this is an example of the dog’s support.

Dog, Fisher, celebrates with twin sisters.
Fisher, their dog, ‘greets’ them? Screenshot

It may even be more basic than that. The girls are behaving in a way which is suggestive of a greeting after being away for a while. The dog responds by doing what he does when he greets the girls. He jumps up onto his hind legs. I think this is more about dog conditioning and routines and meeting expectations rather than a rational, conscious effort by Fisher to greet and hug the girls because they gained scholarships to uni.

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