This is what happens when hunting dogs catch up with a wild pig

Judging by the language spoken by the sport hunter which you can hear in the video, I would assess this to be an Eastern European country. They do have backward views about hunting in that area of the European continent. It’s all part of their tradition. Traditional activities like hunting are very backward in modern society. They are often inhumane. These countries do not align with Northern European countries on animal welfare and should not be in the EU for this reason but they are because the EU does not consider animal welfare to be sufficiently important.

It’s like the tradition in China to eat cat and dog meat by rounding up domestic cats and dogs and then killing them to eat them. That’s part of their tradition and their culture but tradition automatically means an activity which goes back often thousands of years when the world was an entirely different place. When the world was more ignorant than it is today. When the world was less civilised than it is today and it is still uncivilised.

So, this hunter is enjoying watching his dogs tear a wild pig to bits. He is, it sounds like to me, actively encouraging his dogs to get stuck in and rip the poor animal apart while alive.

This man is insensitive and I regret to say ignorant. Ignorant of the sentience of animals and the pain that he is causing while enjoying the moment himself. He seeks pleasure from pain but he doesn’t think like that.

This is the tweet that accompanied the video on twitter: “Of course, hunters and their supporters will only find an excuse for this, population control, H-A-B-I-T-A-T … A very hard watch so don’t watch if this is a wild boar being torn to pieces by a group of dogs and the hunter(s) are just watching on without intervening or…”

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