This is how humans should relate to animals

Animals love this man and the love is reciprocated
Animals love this man, and the love is reciprocated. Screenshot.

The love between the ‘cow whisperer’ and animals is awesome. In the title I am referring to domestic animals of course but we should at least respect wild and dangerous animals. When someone saw this video, they said that this man was one of 100,000 on the planet who is kind. These are the exact words:

“You are one of the one hundred thousand lovable, kind, emphatic human beings of the seven billion of this majestic planet.”

Maybe an exaggeration. The commenter has a pretty negative view of humankind which is understandable considering the perpetual semi-mess or mess that we are in. Countries pulling in different directions all the time is a great negative to harmony.

And the comment is a reflection on the poor relationship humans have with animals when taken as a whole. There are millions of great relationships between animals and people but overall, what a mess with wildlife trade worth billions of dollars annually and hundreds of millions of feral cats. Plus, cruel factory farming and a trillion fish killed annually. Abusive human behaviour. We can do much better.

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This man – the cow whisperer – embodies all that humans should be if we are to have a good relationship with animals. He is a model for how humans should be. He is a god in that sense.

A leader, a maestro and a guru. It is as if the animals on his farm really understand him and the relationship. They have a transparently great relationship. This is true friendship between different species of animal.

To relate to cows in this way as sentient beings rather than mere livestock to be used to human advantage often abusively is awesome.

The number of comments on TikTok for this video tells us that there are a lot of people who appreciate this kind of human behaviour. There are a lot of people who want to see more of this kind of human behaviour.

Therefore, there are many people who are permanently upset, as I am, at the abuse of animals sanctioned or not. Factory farming is legally sanctioned animal cruelty.

There is another man who is iconic in terms of animal welfare. He wants all billionaires to give away 10% of their money to end factory farming. It’s a wow idea. I don’t think it will work as the super-rich are too attached to their wealth.

They never have enough. Humans need to learn to live with more self-discipline and in control of their damaging instincts. The selfish, greedy human instinct needs to be curbed in the interests of all of us. The more sophisticated a person is the more they realise this, and that self-discipline needs to be exercised.

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