Staffordshire bull terrier defends home against armed burglars

BIRMINGHAM, UK: The value of a domestic dog for security purposes is highlighted in this story about Macey, a seven-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier who went downstairs to confront four armed burglars who had bashed down the front door; one was carrying a machete. Her owner, Mr Paul Davis, remained at the top of the stairs with his children. The event was captured on security cameras. Mr Davies says that he was woken up by a loud noise, looked out the window and saw a machete glistening in the half light.

Macey. Photo: Kennedy News and Media.

Macey confronted the armed hooded robbers inside her home. She avoided being struck by the machete but Bruce, a three year old French bulldog who joined in to support her was gashed on his back. She ended up chasing them down the street snapping at their ankles and was kicked (see security camera screenshot below).

Macey chases armed burglars
Macey chases armed burglars. Photo: Daily Mail and Kennedy News and Media.

Mr Davies said that Macey put her life on the line for the family. They were woken up by the first kick of the door. His first thought was to protect his girls. He stood at the top of the stairs for a minute but it felt much longer he said. Macey raced down to confront them. He heard some more banging downstairs and looked out the window to see that they had been chased away.

He says that Macey is very quick so they were unable to hit her with a machete. He believes that he was targeted because he has a range Rover outside on the drive. He regards Macey as an absolute hero.

She darted past me. It was like she decided “dad isn’t going, I am”. He said that she laid her life on the line for the family. – Paul Davis

When Macey looked up at him while he was at the bedroom window it was as if she was telling him that she had got them. And she had. She will be given all the treats in the world.

We can never repay her for what she did. – Paul Davis

Source: The Times (hard copy) and the Daily Mail online.

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