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Riddle of dog swimming in Gulf of Thailand 140 miles offshore

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The rig workers named the dog Boonrod, which translates as "The Saved One"
On dry land

A brown mongrel was seen by oil rig workers in the Gulf of Thailand 140 miles from land. The dog named Boonrod (‘survivor’) swam towards the oil rig and managed to cling to a pole. He was silent and exhausted. People speculating as to how he got there.

The dog is estimated to be between three and five years old
Looking shattered after a long swim. What a survivor!

The oil rig workers hatched a rescue plan. They lowered a rope which went around the dog’s neck and hoisted him aboard the platform.

The dog was temporarily cared for on the oil rig
Safely on the platform
The dog was given fresh drinking water on the rig

They think Boonrod might have fallen from a fishing trawler or even escaped abuse on board and jumped off to safety and more danger.

The dog was temporarily cared for on the oil rig
Much needed drink
Boonrod was washed to cleanse his fur of salt from the seawater

He as taken ashore at the port of Songkhla here he was taken in by an animal rescue organisation and examined by a vet. He is in decent condition and improving.

The dog looks out to sea after it was rescued by oil rig workers

“He is getting stronger and stronger and can smile.”

The dog was lifted by crane onto an oil vessel that was passing through the area on Sunday

Comment: it is a testament to the stamina and endurance of dogs. They can be awesome.

The dog recieved a check-up at a veterinary practice in southern Thailand
Vet check up. He’s okay and recovering. Handsome dog.
The dog appeared happy to be back on land
Happy to be safe. How far did he swim?

The rescue took place on the Vitisak Payalaw of Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production. All the picture are from ViralPress.