Reunited with dog after a concerted six-year search

This sort of reunion happens, I have to admit that, but often it’s not with such persistence of purpose in searching for a lost dog nor with such a beautiful ending when the dog constantly wags his tail in recognition that he is finally home.

Jodie and Fern reunited. Photo: PA.

A family has been reunited with their long lost dog after spending six years searching for her.

Jodie Ferrier kept up her search campaign in order to find Fern, a sprocker spaniel. She believed that she had been stolen from outside her home in Surrey by dog breeders, in April 2013.

She started an online social media campaign on Facebook. That page acquired over 10,000 followers which in turn led to some potential sightings.

Finally, last Wednesday she received a call from a veterinarian who said that they had found Fern

“I instantly fell to pieces. I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. I slung my three children in the car and we drove to the ferry.”

Mrs Ferrier lives on the Isle of Wight and the veterinarian who called said that her dog had been found in Bracknell, Berkshire. These two locations are quite a long distance away from each other. A man had found Fern wandering around apparently homeless.

Once Mrs Ferrier was reunited with Fern, she soon recognised her.

“Her tail started to wag and it just hasn’t stopped.”

Moral of the story: never give up hope or stop trying.