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Rebellious cockatoo vandal removes anti-bird spikes from building

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Cookatoo lifts anti-bird spikes

This smart cockatoo decided to entertain himself (or herself) by lifting a long line of anti-bird spikes from a building in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Autralia. It is an act of rebellious vandalisim labelled, “Fuck the police” by the guy who uploaded the video on Facebook. We all love it. Well, most of us do.

Cookatoo lifts anti-bird spikes

Cookatoo lifts anti-bird spikes

What’s impressive is that the bird goes along the entire line of spikes and meticulously and persistently removes them all. That said they were fixed rather poorly! How were they fixed to the building? Glue? It is a case of poor human workmanship.

A bird expert remarked that cookatoos in Australia have easy access to food and have time on their hands to entertain themselves by damaging things. The big question is why is the cockatoo lifting up the spikes? Does he know he is lifting anti-bird spikes? Is it a deliberate act of defiance against an authority’s aggression against birds? Or is it just fun for this bird? It looks like a peaceful protest and a statement against human behavior. The birds are fighting back and exerting their rights. These are indeed smart birds.

I suspect he is removing the spikes because they get in the way of what he likes to do: perch on that particular building. This is not a political statement! Just smart, independent-minded, non-human animal behavior. Humans should relate to animals as equals. Humans should drop the arrogance and remind themselves that they are not as smart as they think they are judging by how they are destroying the planet they depend on to survive.