Retired police officer dedicated to helping unwanted dogs

Dave Mayo

Dave Mayo is a retired police officer who believes that dogs are special and that they are a gift to us from God and the universe. He believes that they deserve better than a lot of them get. With that in mind, he has committed his retirement to helping unwanted dogs. He works with the North Georgia Animal Alliance (NGAA) and animal rescue shelters such as the Catoosa County Animal Shelter. In fact, he is the dog coordinator for the non-profit NGAA.

Dave Mayo

Dave Mayo. Photo: Dave Mayo.

Dave Mayo transports lost or abandoned dogs to rescues. He has put close to 1,000 miles on his car every month. Dave’s work colleagues admire him for his commitment and reliability.

Sara Deberry, a volunteer with the North Georgia Animal Alliance, said in an interview with WTVC:

“Dave, he’s just rock solid, and you can count on Dave for anything. He’s just always willing to help, you let him know and he’s there,”

Dogs that Dave helps to find new homes

Dogs that Dave helps to find new homes. Photo: Dave Mayo.

Dave recently received a surprise reward for his good work: $500 on behalf of News channel 9 and the McMahan Law Firm. David is going to spend the money on saving more dogs, he said! The guy is a complete brick. This sort of volunteer is the backbone of animal rescue organisations in the US. Without them they would not function. Volunteers across America need all the praise that they can get.

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