Picture of cat rescued from apartment block blown up by Iranian kamikaze drone

You may have heard about Iran supplying Russia with kamikaze drones. They are drones flown remotely containing high explosives and they are being flown into apartment blocks in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. People are asleep inside the apartments or going about their business and being blown up. Clearly a war crime. Another one by Putin.

Cat rescued from apartment block blown up by Iranian kamikaze drone
Cat rescued from apartment block blown up by Iranian kamikaze drone. Image: Reuters.

But we have what we hope is a happy ending story because a traumatised cat was rescued from a block of flats destroyed by one of these drones. The picture is a bit distressing but hopeful in one way because the cat made it. The problem is we don’t know whether this cat suffered serious injury.

You can see the cat being cradled in the arms of a rescue worker. You can see him or her crying out. She appears to be soaking wet. This must have been the fire service jetting water over the burning building.

Wendy Higgins, Director of International Media at Humane Society International told Express.co.uk: “This is one lucky cat which was pulled from the rubble. Animals pulled alive after an explosion like this, can easily suffer from physical injuries like broken bones or internal damage. I hope this cat will be okay – that will be established after veterinary examination.”

Kamikaze drone blows up Kyiv apartment block. Cat rescued
Kamikaze drone blows up Kyiv apartment block. Cat rescued. Image: Sergei Supinsky/AFP.

Obviously, this cat may have suffered some psychological damage because of the trauma of the experience. That is quite possible or even likely. That said, my experience tells me that domestic cats can get over this kind of trauma better than humans.

Of course, the cat will be completely confused. Pets are the vulnerable ones together with older people, children and the disabled. They are being bombed indiscriminately.

Iran of course is culpable as well. If they’re going to sue Putin for war crimes, they’re going to have to sue the Ayatollah in Iran for the same thing. He is an accomplice.

Hundreds of thousands of animals have been killed in this war. We should remember them and if you are religious perhaps you will pray for them.

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