Newark veterinarian charged with mistreating dogs

NEWS AND COMMENT-NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, USA: Ehren Seth Yablon, 44, of Hillside is under arrest having been charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty to dogs in his care. He worked at Newark Veterinary Hospital on Wilson Avenue.

One of the puppies that died

One of the puppies that died. Screenshot from video.

In one example, on June 28, 2021, a client brought her English bulldog to the veterinary clinic for an examination because the dog was suffering from a bloody discharge. When the dog’s owner returned the next day, she was told by Yablon that the dog had died during surgery.

A necropsy carried out by another veterinarian found that no surgery had been performed. It’s alleged that Yablon had performed blood work and administer medicine.

Also, Yablon is alleged to have neglected three husky puppies in his care. The owner took the puppies to the defendant’s clinic for treatment. One of them tested positive for canine parvovirus which is highly infectious. Despite the infection the three puppies were caged together in the vet’s office were one of them died.

In addition, the vet charged for services that weren’t rendered and he refused, allegedly, to release the puppies until he was paid.

A temporary suspension application to suspend Yablon’s licence has been filed by the acting Attorney General of the Division of Consumer Affairs. The complaint will then be investigated and proceedings decided thereafter.

The matter is going to be heard by the Border Veterinary Medical Examiners at the next meeting.

The video covers the story as reported by ABC7.

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