Russian Blue cat riled up about Ukraine war

Russian Blue cat becomes riled when told about Russia's invasion of Ukraine
Russian Blue cat becomes riled when told about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

It was only a matter of time before somebody on social media made a video like this in which a Russian blue cat becomes riled when told about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Clearly, they are a die-hard Russian. This Russian Blue is a Putin follower! And if they are, they have been divested of their misapprehensions by their owner who wags her finger at him and tells her cat that the invasion was Russian oppression and an attempt by Putin to expand Russian territory. The cat disagrees with that appraisal and attacks his owner for saying it. Of course, this is entirely fictional but it seems that the domestic cat is a natural subject for taking the Mickey out of news items. Although it is highly questionable whether people should create entertaining videos on the back of the Ukraine war because of the enormous amount suffering that Putin has caused the Ukrainian people.

Anybody who has an unbiased view about the war and who is fully informed about it should detest Putin and they should criticise him in the strongest possible terms whenever possible. He is a war criminal as are his cronies. They should all be punished in the most severe terms and when this war is over and Ukrainians are victorious, the sanctions against Russia should remain for 30 years or indefinitely until Russia rebuilds Ukraine by repairing all the damage that their shelling and bombing has caused. The cost is going to be something in the order of $200 billion or more. It will take 30 years to do it. At the end of that rebuilding process Putin will be seen as a huge black stain on the history of Russia; a tyrant. His legacy will be the exact opposite to that which he desired.

The Russian blue originates in Russia from the north coast in the city of Archangel. That is the story although selective breeding by breeders in the West will have distanced the current Russian blue in terms of their DNA and genetics from the original random-bred moggies that were and still are the original Russian blue cats.

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