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Mum gets shock after mouse runs up and down her windscreen wipers while car is moving

Sally Hall, 55, got a shock when a mouse appeared on the wipers of her car on the M25 in Kent. Sally was driving her horsebox when she suddenly spotted the little blighter. You can see it running up and down the wiper blade as they drove along at 55 mph, apparently. It doesn’t look like 55 mph I must say. He disappeared back into the engine compartment before Sally was able to rescue him at their destination. The Times newspaper tells me that the mouse was later rescued. I hope so. No doubt the little mouse was seeking warmth in the engine compartment because of the very cold weather. A dangerous place to snuggle up to an engine block next to an engine fan and other very hot objects when the car starts to move! Let’s hope he survived.

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Mouse runs up and down windscreen wiper while car is moving on road

Mouse runs up and down windscreen wiper while car is moving on road. Screenshot