Mexico is a paradigm of the world’s ‘human population growth problem’

Mexico is endangering the survival of the most species (compared to other countries) because of their uncontrolled human population growth. We have a list of the top ten countries containing the most endangered species. For me, it means that these countries either contain the most diverse species of animal and there is some endangerment by human activity and/or there is more than the usual amount of human activity which endangers the survival of species in that area.

Mexico deforestation - this kills off animals dependent on the forests
Mexico deforestation – this kills off animals dependent on the forests. Photo in public domain.

In the case of Mexico, which has the most endangered species according to a survey by Alpha Travel Insurance, a major reason in that country for endangering 665 species is the destruction of forest to make way for agricultural land to cater for a burgeoning population growth and incumbent demand for food. In respect of species going extinct Mexico is a paradigm of the world’s ‘human population growth problem’.

The 665 endangered species is made up of 71 bird species, 96 mammals, 98 reptiles, 181 fish and 219 amphibians. Mexico is top of the list of countries containing the most endangered species. They estimate that the country has to double its food production by 2050 to keep up.

Indonesia is in second spot with 583 endangered species. It has the highest number of endangered mammals with 191 species and the second highest number of endangered birds at 160. 12% of the world’s mammal species and 17% of bird species are indigenous to that country. This is a high level of biodiversity. Overall, Asia has the most endangered species with 3330 at risk across 10 countries in that region.

Countries with the most endangered species.
My thanks to Alpha Travel Insurance.

America ranks sixth in the survey. It has a good wildlife conservation programme but is still home to 475 species considered endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List. Fish are the main concern (251 species). This organisation (about which I personally have doubts because I think they are being bribed by big business and hunters and shooters) lists 27,000 species at risk of extinction. More than a quarter of all the world’s species are threatened with extinction at the date of this post according to the Red List.

They say that 40 percent of all amphibians are at risk and the same goes for 34% of conifers, 33% of reef corals, 31% of sharks and rays, 27% of crustaceans, 25% of mammals and 14% of birds ( you for the information). It is the time of mass extinctions and we, yes, the rampaging, uncaring and headless human is the cause.

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