Man runs into house engulfed in flames to rescue his dog

Man saves his dog from burning home
Man saves his dog from burning home. Screenshot annotated by AHR.

CALIFORNIA, USA – NEWS AND VIEWS: This is an amazing video. The man, Jose Guzman, pushed past firefighters to get into the burning home of his grandparents who he was visiting with his family. His dog was inside and he was outside. As he pushed his way through the firefighters they accidently dosed him with some water and shouted at him to stop. It looked incredibly dangerous to go into a building that was engulfed in flames. He was panicked and determined to rescue his dog. He was lucky it seems as his dog was in the bathroom, the only place we are told that was temporarily safe from the flames. The dog runs out followed by Guzman. No one lost their lives. Guzman was burned on his arms and face while his dog was singed on her paws and nose. Impressive courage. Guzman’s family videoed the rescue.

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