Man poops in bed and blames his dog to save face with wife

This is a little snapshot of real life, and it is the dog who gets it in the butt, but there is a good ending. A man anonymously confessed to something rather horrible on the Twitter feed of ‘Fesshole’. The creator of the Twitter account is Rob Manuel. He was in the studio of BBC London during the lunchtime show hosted by DJ Eddie Nestor as reported by the website My London.

Dog sleeping in bed
Dog sleeping in bed. This image is here to illustrate the page, and this is not the dog in question. Image in the public domain.

Manuel was asked to read out one of his favourite stories which concerns a man who pooped in the marital bed. That sounds bad. The reason why he did it with his wife in the bed is because he was badly drunk it seems.

Manuel said: “Right okay, I absolutely adore this one. After a heavy drinking session, I pooed in the bed. I told my wife it was the dog to avoid embarrassment”.

The radio show host was aghast as were the staff. I guess we can forgive the guy for pooping in his bed with his wife in it (just once). Horrible though. And to blame the family dog was a bit mean (to say the least) but understandable. I wonder if the guy has a drink problem?

There is a good ending. The poop was so smelly (!) that his wife took their dog to the veterinarian for a check-up thinking that he/she had a health problem. After all, the dog had pooped (not) in the bed too!

The veterinarian found a problem: early signs of stomach cancer. He was able to provide early treatment which may have saved the dog’s life.

The “Fesshole” feed on Twitter is very popular with 650,000 followers. I can see why. I wonder if the stories are truly anonymous or whether a techie type can find out the storyteller?

Manuel has created a book on the confessions: “The Very Best of Fesshole: Britain Confesses Anonymously”.

Is it cruel to stop your dog sleeping on your bed with you?

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