Maggie Smith models Loewe fur coat and wows fans but is this real fur?

Maggie Smith models Loewe fur coat but the big question that no one has asked is whether this real fur. Loewe do sell very expensive real fur coats so perhaps it is. Image: Juergen Teller/Loewe

All the articles on this Maggie Smith story are full of praise for her – which I fully understand as it is great to see her modelling – but they do not clarify if the coat she is modeling is fake or real fur. To be involved in real fur nowadays is not good. An iconic actress like her wants to avoid it. This is an era during which people should be more sensitive to the natural world as humans are killing it off through commercial activities such as farming and mining and of course with global warming which is devastating for wildlife. In fact people are more sensitive about wildlife conservation today compared to the past thanks to global warming.

Maggie Smith has been hailed as the new face of Loewe. Great. Times have changed in this regard for the better. Back in the day all elderly actresses were parked and more of less forgotten. She is a great actress. The Daily Mail legally (as I understand it) accessed her income details and said the following about her wealth (see below). She has a company where her money is deposited and limited companies are listed at Companies House and details are accessible. I think that’s why her accounts can be seen.

“Accounts reveal that assets in her acting firm, Dame Margret Cross Productions, increased to £10.2 million including £9.8 million in cash reserves. The five-time BAFTA winner made £1.6 million in profit through the business after allowing for bills of £1.6 million, with £8.7 million being retained for Dame Maggie.”

Daily Mail

However, are we really meant to know how much she earned last year and how much she is worth? Surely it is private. She earned a lot! She deserves it.

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