Love turns around terrified whimpering abandoned dog in 54 seconds

Animal rescue videos from Serbia are hard to watch. I sense that Serbia has some pretty awful animal abuses. Okay there are animal abuses all over the world. But Serbia, not good. A backward approach to animal welfare in general but there are some great exceptions and here is one.

Abandoned dog is terrified but love changes things
Abandoned dog is terrified but love changes things. Screenshot.

You should come to Serbia. People poison stray animals, or purposefully hit them with their car – comment

It is a little video of a simply terrified, abandoned dog whimpering and crying when seeing the lady from the Karolina’s Animal Rescue. A good woman whose love turned around this dog’s fear in a matter of 60 seconds to the point where he/she becomes excited and animated.

Oh, those cry’s just go through me I don’t know how people can be so evil – comment on video

The crying is hard to watch. The love is a blessing. What’s the backstory? We don’t know how the dog got to where they were discovered. Perhaps we should not know.

She has a beautifully gentle voice. So reassuring for the dog. The voice is important. Never shout at a companion animal. I know humans become tired and stressed and take it out on their pets sometimes but it is not good. They become anxious.

Dogs always chose to trust people even though they’re scared for their life and have been hurt before – comment

I shortened the video a little up to the moment the dog was transformed to a love bug. I wonder what happened in the long-term. We don’t know. I hope she adopted him but that’s probably impractical as she runs an animal rescue and wants to adopt them all.

Brilliant dog rescue will have you on the edge of your seat

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