Kim Jong-un fed his uncle’s body to a pack of starving dogs

NEWS AND COMMENT: Kim Jong-un is known for his cruel ruthlessness and in my view, he is deliberately and consciously brutally cruel to anybody who challenges him in order to maintain his dictatorship without even the faintest whiff of dissent. And he is prepared to do anything to maintain his position. In this instance he executed is uncle Jang Song-thaek in 2013, two years after he came to power. The body was stripped and fed to a pack of dogs who had been starved for three days. This is according to Chinese media reports.

KIM Jong-un arranged his uncle’s execution by firing squad and his body fed to a starving pack of dogs. The uncle is on the right. Photos: Getty.

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Jang Song-thaek was the Minister of the State Security Department at the time until dismissed before execution. He was described by the state as a “despicable human scum, worse than a dog”. Officials apparently stood and watched as the dogs ate his body. Eight other allies of the uncle were also executed.

Kim Jong-un has a constant desire to remove “functionalist filth”. What he means is people who dissent from the way he runs the country. I expect the majority of people in North Korea disagree with the way he runs the country but they keep their mouths shut and pretend that they worship him. He reminds me of Putin’s dictatorship and psychopathic behavior.

In a book called “Son-In-Law of a Theocracy” by Ra Jong-yil, a biography of the “supreme leader”, it is said that “with his execution, North Korea lost virtually the only person there who could have helped the country introduce reform and openness.”

Reportedly the uncle enjoyed Western pleasures such as women singing American songs and performing stripteases. We don’t know whether that is true or whether it is propaganda.

Jang Song-thaek was born in January or February 1946 and he was murdered on December 12, 2013. He was married to the only daughter of the sister of North Korean general secretary and the second supreme Leader of North Korea between 1914 and 2011, Kim Jong-il.

He wore the uniform of a general (there seems to be thousands of generals in North Korea who eagerly take down notes on tiny notepads in recording every word that be supreme leader says when he tours missile silos and other military facilities).

It appears that he was in dispute with Kim Jong-un in general and over his continued expression of sympathy towards Kim Jong-un’s half-brother who was living in exile under Chinese protection at the time. Kim Jong-un also allegedly executed his half-brother in a mysterious murder which was well-publicised in the news media.

The final straw for the supreme leader apparently came when there was a dispute over control of North Korea’s West Coast fisheries which had been taken back from the military by the uncle in 2011. The decision was reversed and there was an order to return the fisheries to the military. The order was defied. This led to a confrontation in late 2013 in which several North Korean soldiers loyal to the supreme leader were killed. His soldiers were reinforced and they seized control of the fisheries after which Jang Song Thaek was dismissed and executed and his body fed to the dogs.

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