Kamala Harris likes dogs

Dogs illustrating Kamala Harris's tweet
Dogs illustrating Kamala Harris’s tweet. Photos: Twitter.

I’m told, but it needs to be confirmed, that Kamala Harris likes dogs although she does not live with a companion animal at present, to the best of my knowledge. I will write some more on this later but I wanted to quickly touch base on the relationship between the new vice president of America elect and companion animals. For an animal advocate it’s an important issue. I also read that she is strong on animal welfare which I will also touch on again. This is good news and quite a strong contrast to the outgoing president Trump who didn’t keep a companion animal at the White House, which is highly unusual and whose sons like to trophy hunt. They like to shoot iconic animals in Africa such as leopards and you’ll see a photograph on the Internet of both of them holding up a magnificent leopard shot by one of them. For animal advocates it is not a good look. I’m glad Trump is going. He was no good for animal welfare and he was no good for conservation which is linked to global warming about which he was also bad, very bad.

The President-elect, Joe Biden, is also a dog lover. He and his family live with two German shepherds, one of which, Champ, was bought from a breeder and their second German Shephard, Major was adopted from an animal shelter under the auspices of the Delaware Humane Society. So we have a couple of leaders in America who like animals and particularly dogs which is no bad thing. It is progress from the past four years which have been a desert, almost, with respect to animal welfare and wildlife conservation.

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