There will be a dog in the White House again

The right man won the presidential election. He likes dogs. I’d prefer it if he liked cats but I’m not going to be picky. The outgoing president, Trump, is the first president in 130 years not to have a dog in the White House. It has just been declared that Joe Biden is going to be the next president of the United States barring an extremely unlikely upset in the courts on a Trump application. I should think he will now admit defeat and try and make a graceful speech in accepting that. But we don’t expect it.

Biden and his newly adopted German shepherd Major
Biden and his newly adopted German shepherd Major. Photo: Delaware Humane Society.

You could say that Trump can’t be a good person because he didn’t have a dog in the White House and apparently doesn’t like dogs that much, or enough. People who like animals are normally decent people. Perhaps Trump is scared of dogs. He is certainly not the sort of person to like domestic cats. He sons trophy shoot leopards in Africa. What do you expect?

Conversely, Joe Biden clearly likes dogs. He made one mistake, though, from an animal welfare standpoint in that he bought his wife a dog when Obama won the 2008 election. Focus on the word “bought”. That means he bought the dog from a dog breeder rather than adopting a rescue dog from a shelter. Anyone in the know about dog adoption and who is a genuine animal lover will always say that you must go to your local animal shelter and find a dog or cat who wants to adopt you.

Interestingly, Obama promised wife Michelle that they could adopt a dog if he won the election so both Biden and Obama both adopted dogs on Obama’s election as president.

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The first German Shephard that Biden bought they named Champ. The Biden family learned their lesson thanks to their daughter, it seems, in the necessity of adopting from a shelter because their second dog was indeed adopted from a shelter and they named him Major, or he was named already by the shelter.

They adopted him from the Delaware Humane Society. And there’s a nice picture of him with Major on their Instagram webpage (see above).

Today is Major’s lucky day! Not only did Major find his forever home, but he got adopted by Vice President Joe Biden & Dr. Jill Biden! — Delaware Humane Society

As I dictate this, I can report that my websites had zero visitors at the moment that Biden got over the line of 270 electoral votes after winning Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia. There will be recounts I believe in one or two of those states. That will delay the official result which I believe may be weeks away. As an animal advocate, I am delighted that Biden has won the presidential election race. We might now see, in due course, some better policies in respect of wild animal conservation such as the importation of trophies by American trophy hunters who kill iconic animals in Africa, for example. I know that Trump overturned or watered down a ban of the importation of trophies. In addition he has introduced rules which allow hibernating bears and their cubs to be shot in their dens in Alaska. Can you believe it? That sort of rule should be overturned as soon as possible. It is obviously brutally cruel.

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