Is President Biden’s dog Champ untidy, dirty and unkempt?

Greg Kelly, the host of Newsmax was having a bit of fun, admittedly, when he insinuated that President Biden’s dog Champ looks untidy, dirty and unkempt. In short, he looks a bit rough, a bit like a junkyard dog so what is going on? Kelly compared and contrasted Champ with past White House dogs who apparently were fluffed up and groomed looking beautiful!

Joe Biden and Champ
Portrait of Vice President Joe Biden wth Champ. Photo: Laith Majali Photography.

Apparently Kelly is questioning whether the President and/or his staff are doing a good enough job looking after Champ. Champ is twelve years old. Kelly said he loved dogs and his remark was a bit tongue in cheek with a serious element to the questioning. Kelly had a couple of guests who he bounced ideas off. One was Craig Shirley who has written four separate books about Ronald Reagan. Craig Shirley agreed with Kelly about the condition of Champ, “No, he looks very dirty and disheveled, and very unlike a presidential dog like Millie or Victory or something else in the past in the White House.”

Is this a fair criticism? In the video on Twitter which incidentally may disappear over time as these videos sometimes do, we see a rather poor quality image of Champ. Can we genuinely detect whether this dog is badly cared for and dishevelled from this image? I would be very surprised if he wasn’t cared for to very high standard. And it is a one-off picture. Champ may have returned from grimy activity and not been cleaned. I am being too serious. This is more about creating a viral video on Twitter than getting to the truth. The video has been seen 8.4 million times. Kelly has made a name for himself.

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