“He don’t bite” but dog scares the sh*t out of cowardy-custard delivery driver!

This is either amusing or irritating depending on the state of your mind. For me it shows a young woman who has little control over her dogs (there appears to be another inside her home barking). Also the delivery driver is a cowardy-custard. I mean look at hime running a mile when the dog approaches barking. He throws away the package that he was delivering. And when you enlarge the video you can see that he is one of those individuals who shows off the crack of his hairy bum with his trousers slipping down from his fat belly – horrible!

Cowardy-custard delivery man showing his hairy bum – horrible. Dog in pursuit.

To be kinder, perhaps he had a traumatic experience with a dog when he was an infant leaving him terrified of them. No, what irritates me is the young woman: a total lack of control over her dogs. Inept comes to mind. She should be forced to go to dog handling classes or have the dogs removed from her and re-homed. And the delivery driver needs to deal with that bloody sloppy dress code.

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