A vegan owning a cat is like meeting President Trump

Vegans and domestic cats can go together just as well as meat eating owners and their cats. What a person eats should be irrelevant to their relationship with their cat companion. And what the cat eats should be irrelevant to a vegan human. You have to put aside the wild cat characteristics of the domestic cat and love or like your cat for what she is and does i.e. be the person’s companion, and respect it.

Trump and Corbyn

Trump and Corbyn – like a carnivore meeting a vegan. Photos: Getty.

So what about the President Trump analogy? Well there are some UK politicians who have refused to go to the Queen’s banquet to be given for the president because they dislike him so much. One of them is the leader of the opposition, Mr Corbyn.

Mr Corbyn has made a mistake as Mr Trump stated. He should meet the president because Trump is useful to the UK economically and Corbyn may have to work with him in the future. This is a business relationship and personal dislikes and hates should not get in the way. Under these circumstances, just because Trump has a different character to Corbyn does not mean that Corbyn has the right to disrespect Trump.

For a vegan person living with a cat, they need to respect the fact that their cat provides them with friendship and companionship. The fact that their cat is an obligate carnivore should be put aside and accepted. The vegan has views on meat eating which are diametrically opposed to those of their cat. It is up to the vegan to put this aside and get on with enjoying and supporting the friendship, the primary reason why people keep pet cats. Vegans do not have to right to impose their ideas on their cat and should love them for what they bring to their lives and homes.

P.S. There have been some examples of vegans feeding their cats a genuinely vegan diet which is highly irresponsible. It will kill the cat eventually.

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