Foxhunter petulantly strikes his horse with a whip and a foxhunt worker violently swears at a hunt saboteur

This is a shocking video made by a foxhunt saboteur, a woman actually. She films a middle-aged man struggling with his horse. He is on the ground trying to control his horse who is uncooperative. He is exasperated and there is a meanness in his attitude clearly evident in his behaviour and actions. He decides to strike the horse on its chest/upper foreleg with his whip. It is an act of aggression. He wants to hurt the horse in a spiteful way.

The video was captured as the Warwickshire Hunt gathered near Broughton last Wednesday. The hunt saboteurs claimed that the video shows “death threats, animal abuse and road chaos”. The road chaos refers to horse and hound trotting down country lanes stopping traffic from moving. You will see that in the video below.

In defence, the Warwickshire Hunt said that they were hunting lawfully and that they had been deliberately portrayed inaccurately. They also claim that one of its members was “physically attacked” by one of the saboteurs. They describe the saboteurs as “balaclava-wearing extremists”.

The female video maker is confronted by a very nasty individual who rants and raves at her using foul language. He wants to hit her as he clenches his fist in his anger. The woman holds firm but is clearly frightened. He confronts her again and again, intimidating her and shouting, using the F word. I am told by The Times newspaper that this man is a hunt supporter. However, it appears to me that it is not clear.

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Please see the video at the base of the page. The still images above are screenshots from the video.

Comment: these are the kinds of people engaged in foxhunting. I’m not sure when the video was made because foxhunting is illegal in the UK. You can only drag hunt in the UK using the scent of a fox. But in the video, you see a fox being chased by hounds. If the video is recent, I would conclude that this is one of those fake foxhunts in which the foxhunters pretend that they are drag hunting. It is a smokescreen for the real thing.

But I don’t recall seeing a date on the video so I don’t know when it took place (update: it is recent, I have discovered. And therefore, there is a dispute about whether they were actually foxhunting or drag hunting). Hunt saboteurs recorded an administrator of foxhunting telling people how to circumvent the current law which bans foxhunting. That person did a lot of damage to foxhunting. He was fined as I recall. I am writing this late in the evening so I will stop there and come back to it tomorrow morning.

I just think that people should see this video as it highlights the kind of characters that you encounter pursuing countryside activities. They see nothing wrong in killing foxes for their pleasure. There is a huge amount of arrogance within them.

Warwickshire police said that they had not received any reports over the incidents. They asked for anyone with video material to get in contact.

Note: This is a video from another website which is embedded here. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

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