First date: man watches while woman saves his dog from river!

Lizzy Johnson’s date with a man with a dog ended disastrously. They met on Tinder. They agreed to stroll along the River Mole in Walton-on-Thames. The man’s dog had never seen water before and as soon as the boxer dog saw it he wanted to jump in and he did.

Lizzy Johnson and the dog after the adventure
Lizzy Johnson and the dog after the adventure. Photo: Kennedy News and Media.

Johnson said that while her date was “too busy flapping around” she ran down a steep riverbank to recover the dog. She fell in the river. She pushed the dog out. It took her five minutes to get out while her date “made useless suggestions”. Once they were all on the riverbank they walked to their cars in awkward silence or making polite conversation. Two hours after parting company the man texted: “Hey, hope you’re alright, sorry about that” with a couple of emojis.

She said it was her worst date ever. She did not like him.

Comment: he could have done better to put it mildly.

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