An amusing cat video or a mild case of cat abuse?

You decide. I have decided. The bloke pushed over the dry cat food container deliberately to make the video. It was all planned obviously. He probably knew his cat would complain with that strange feline sound that we have heared before. It is the cat’s vocalisation which makes the video tick on TikTok. It has got lots of hits. Success for the man, failure for the cat. We can’t be too hard on the guy because it is so competitive. To make a successful video they push the boundaries of acceptability a bit. It is a shame that the vulnerbale animal has to bear the brunt of it. No big deal. Just not quite right for me.


Clean up your mess 😂 by @tri.scott #tiktokcats

♬ sonido original – TikTok Catss

Mild case of cat abuse
Mild case of cat abuse in my opinion. Screenshot.

But this is at the very bottom end of animal abuse quite obviously. A lot of people wouldn’t even call it animal abuse and I get that. But it is at the thin end of the wedge. A lot of people have made videos with cats to get hits in their millions. A study found that when cats are involved in funny cat videos they are often stressed. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure that out. In funny cat videos the cats are often doing, well yes, funny things but sometimes they have been pushed into doing these things against their natural temperament.

At the worst end of what I would call ‘video cat abuse’ you have the idiotic teenagers who walk up to a cat on the street and kick it. Or they throw the cat about 20 feet in the air into a river or something like that. It is casual violence born out of boredom and perhaps anger. They may be drunk or on drugs. It’s a toxic combination but the madness of it all is that they think it is clever to video what they’re doing and then upload the video to social media to show the world how idiotic they are. They want celebrity even if it is infamy. Even if they end up being interviewed by the police and sometimes prosecuted although that is unlikely because the police are reluctant to prosecute that kind of senseless animal abuse.

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