Ever wondered how a cow gets stuck on a roof?

NEWS AND COMMENT: I think this has happened before. A full-grown cow gets stuck on a roof. They are seen walking around on a tiled, pitched roof. Not a flat roof but a conventional roof. And they refuse to come down to compound the problem. Well, we have the answer and it comes from Mongolia.

Cow stuck on a roof in Inner Mongolia. How did it get there?
Cow stuck on a roof in Inner Mongolia. How did it get there? Screenshot.

There is a video posted on YouTube on December 28 which shows a cow’s bemused owner and other local people standing around trying to figure out how to get a cow down from the roof.

It had snowed heavily in the city of Tongliano, Inner Mongolia in the east of the Chinese region of that country. In order to clear the road, they had shovelled it off and placed it against a building near the road. This formed a ramp. An inquisitive cow walked up the ramp onto the roof. Comment: you wonder what motivated this cow to walk up that snow ramp onto the roof. Perhaps it was looking for a high vantage point. There would be an advantage in doing that in terms of self-preservation. That may have been the motivation. This part of Mongolia is probably very flat.

The snow melted rapidly due to quickly changing conditions leaving the cow stranded on the roof. The owner climbed onto a forklift truck that was driven up to the roof to try and get his cow down but it ran away onto the neighbouring roof.

Several other people turned up to help but it kept its distance, smashing roof tiles on the way. The owner of the property was unhappy as his roof tiles were being smashed.

They decided to leave the cow alone to stop the damage. Good decision. The cow then decided to come down of its own accord. It went to the lowest point on the roof and managed to jump to the ground without incurring any injuries.

This, therefore, solved the mystery as to how a cow ends up on a roof.


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