Dog trapped for six weeks on 550 foot cliff eating seaweed

A dog who’d been lost for six weeks has finally been found having survived on seaweed and moisture from stones and sticks while trapped on a 550 foot cliff. His name is Shadow and he is an 18-month-old shar pei.

Dog spent 6 weeks on cliff eating seaweed
Shadow after his ordeal. Photo: BNPS.

He slipped his harness while out on a family walk on May 9, 2019. He went missing from Falcon Hill Beacon in Eype, Dorset. His owner, Amber Whiting, made numerous appeals, sought help from the coastguard volunteers but he wasn’t found until by chance holidaymakers spotted him on the cliff on June 23.

Shadow had a broken leg which appears to have happened when he fell down the 550 foot cliff.

He lost half his normal body weight during the six weeks he was trapped on the cliff. He’s been through surgery to remove sticks, stones and dried seaweed from his stomach. He will need another operation to fix his broken leg.

“When my husband first saw him he didn’t think it was him, despite the microchip details, as he looked so different. He was always quite a chunky dog so it’s shocking to see him so thin. We were amazed to see him wagging his tail and wobbling towards us for strokes and kisses straightaway. I’ve not stopped crying since he returned, I can’t believe he’s back, I thought he died or been stolen.”

Mrs Whiting

Shadow means everything to Mrs Whiting’s sons. They were heartbroken when he went missing. Shadow immediately recognised them when they turned up at the RSPCA to pick him up.

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