Devoted dog stayed beside body of shot gamekeeper

NEWS AND COMMENT: There are two aspects to this story. Firstly, the one highlighted in the title and secondly the failure of the police to realise that this man had been shot and that this is an alleged murder enquiry.

Yes, it’s hard to believe the police could have failed to recognise that Brian Low, 65, was shot dead but they did. There are some mitigating circumstances.

The site of the shooting where Mr Low was allegedly murdered and where Millie his dog stayed by his side
The site of the shooting where Mr Low was allegedly murdered and where Millie his dog stayed by his side. Image: Mail Online.

The story

This is the story. Brian Lowe was out walking with his black labrador on the outskirts of Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland on the morning of Saturday, February 17, 2024.

He was shot dead (no witnesses) in what looks like a fairly remote place but the reports are sketchy and variable and as mentioned the police didn’t realise it.

For example, The Sun newspaper said that the death was a “targeted assassination by a marksman who hit Mr Low in the head from a distance”. Strange report as a shot to the head would have been obvious.

The Mail Online reports that a shotgun pellet was lodged in Mr Low’s heart which left a very small wound in the body which is the reason why I guess the police missed it. This report sounds more accurate but how was a single pellet inside the body when it is described as a shotgun shooting?


And then there’s Millie, his dog who loyally stayed with Mr Low’s body. Jacqui Low, the victim’s niece told the Dundee Courier:

“We are at a complete loss as to how this has happened to Brian. His partner and brothers are devastated. His devoted dog, Millie, stayed by his side for as long as she was allowed and is being cared for by his family.”

Detective Chief Inspector Martin Macdougall of Police Scotland’s Major investigation team said that the delay in assessing Mr Low as a murder victim may have resulted in the loss of evidence. It took them four days to make the assessment.

As a consequence, the professional standards department are looking into what happened. He said: “Yes, it’s appreciated that between the Saturday and the Wednesday, something could be lost.”

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